Deniz Yusuf

Deniz Yusuf

Deniz Yusuf

Property Management Growth Trainer, Consultant, International Speaker, Coach, and Mentor

Deniz Yusuf from BDM Coach and Inspired Growth Training is currently based in Brisbane, and previously (until recently) was from Nowra on the South Coast of NSW Australia.

Deniz worked in his family fruit business for most of his life. He has taken many lessons from this business. Deniz explains “There are no emails in fruit!” New business comes from real contact with customers. If a new coffee shop or restaurant opened, Deniz had to call or visit them to get their business. It is this mindset that has made him a successful coach in the BDM space.

Deniz is renowned for personally signing 900 rental properties in 4 years. All in a country town of no more than 25,000 people. He says “real estate is all about asking for the business and knowing what experience you can give your clients. It’s more than just collecting rent and charging a fee.” Deniz enjoyed being an agent and now loves showing others how they can succeed too. His coaching clients sign up approximately 300 doors per month collectively by following and implementing his strategies.

Deniz excels at assessing real estate teams and finding the ‘blockage’ that may be stopping them from achieving the better business numbers.

Deniz has many accolades, including the LPMA (Leading Property Managers of Australia) BDM of the Year Award for 2012 and 2013.

He is a nationally and internationally recognised speaker, presenting at numerous conferences across Australia and the United States, including:

  • NARPM – San Antonio 2017, Orlando chapter and Florida state 2018, Virginia 2019
  • Geared for Growth – Orlando Florida 2018, Nevada 2018
  • PM Grow Summit – Florida 2017